The first phase of our work is Project Liberty, an initiative to build new open source public infrastructure.

We’re building an open source protocol that embeds data rights into the web itself. It’s built as new, decentralized, and universally accessible public infrastructure. Ultimately, our aim is for this protocol to open a new landscape for social innovators and entrepreneurs to create applications that generate more value for the people who use the web.

Successfully building such an ambitious protocol will require a new model for innovation. Because we’re developing the protocol without the expectation or need for financial return, we’re uncompromised in building it to protect every person’s basic data rights. We believe the expertise we need to design this technology requires working beyond the bounds of the tech industry, and that we must discover new ways to partner with leaders in social science, public policy, and governance. For this reason, we’re forging a new, collaborative design structure to integrate deep expertise across disciplines with tech’s rapid innovation cycles.

We hope you’ll be inspired to learn more about our work, and continue to stay in touch with us as our journey continues.

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