We’re working to create a new model for innovation that enables social innovators and entrepreneurs to generate much greater value for the people who use the web.

We believe that a better, brighter future depends on a web that—from its very foundation—is built to work for everyone.

The web we envision incorporates data rights as a default, gives people the full power of their networks, promotes transparency and trust, and offers everyone the opportunity to effect positive social change at scale.

We’re certainly not the first to desire a better web, and we’re eager to work with partners committed to evolving the web to better serve the public.

An important part of this vision is our belief that the work begins by shifting control of how technology is designed and built—moving it from a few, powerful insiders to a great number of diverse thinkers, creators, and contributors. A change of this magnitude requires a global collective of not just technologists, but also leaders in public policy, social science, academia, governance, and the arts, united in the commitment to build new models that integrate social impact with economic sustainability, and to create digital spaces that are open to the public, shared and governed by all.

We hope you’ll join us in building what could be one of the most important public infrastructure improvements of our time.

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