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Our future depends on a web that puts people first.

The web was created to make it easier to access data. But today, the web has also become an indispensable means to connect to people—to interact with our communities, to take in others’ perspectives, and to share ours. Yet what we’re all trying to use as a virtual town square was never built with the public in mind. The online spaces we depend on are actually privately owned and controlled, designed to turn our participation into profit at the cost of our privacy and autonomy.

The time has come to build a better web, one that works for people first.

At Unfinished Labs, we’re working to create and unlock innovation on a new shared, public infrastructure for the web that generates much greater value for the people who use it.

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The Road Ahead

Members of our team were recently interviewed about our work and vision for the future on Unfinished Live. Learn more about where we are on our journey.

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