We design and develop systems for a healthier digital society.

In this digital age, technology ends up serving as a foundation for civic architecture. It impacts our democracy, our civic discourse, and our economy. Yet it’s not often built with the intent to serve society in this critical role. As a result, very few design and develop the technology that impacts the many—and some of our most influential systems are designed to serve the needs of large companies over people.

We believe social and economic advancement depends on the introduction and adoption of a more equitable civic architecture for the web. We develop open systems that serve as a fulcrum for this work. Our first project was reinventing the social network as a shared, public resource, which we see as essential infrastructure to channel the immense power and value of the social economy to people instead of platforms. Our next focus is bringing together collaborators from diverse disciplines to help shape this foundation, imbuing it with ethics and governance structures that help move society forward.